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You never want to hire a public relations team until you get a good feel for not only who they are, but what makes them different.  For instance, people generally go off of referrals for PR… That’s because this industry is hit or miss.  When it’s a miss, it sucks.  But when it’s a hit, you’re famous.  One thing that separates Black Apple PR from other Public Relations Firms is WE ONLY DO PR.  If a PR firm says they can take care of your social media and website and analytics, well then they may as well mow your lawn too, cause that’s about how much in common social media has with getting somebody in the press.

THEY ARE NOT RELATED AT ALL.  We ONLY do PR.  That’s it.  Feel free to sign up to our email sequence which will walk you through how we conduct our campaigns, or browse around the site and see what we’re all about.