My name is Greg. I created Black Apple in 2006.

People always come to me and say “I want this to happen, therefore I need a great PR campaign”.  But usually, what you think you need to get what you want is a bit off.  Ever since I made a REALLY bad investment, I’ve always been a big believer in hedging my bets.  When you invest in PR- what you really want is exposure, right?  Right.  You want magazines, blogs, you want your Instagram to blow up, you want Facebook likes and tons of Youtube views.  You want web traffic and blog viewership and sales and brand recognition.  Well, at least that’s the general conversation I find myself having with tons of people.  Everyone wants all that, but they group it together and say I want a PR firm.  Truth is, what I just named off is a blend of advertising, social media marketing and public relations.

The waters have been muddied by social media.  Social media is NOT just some thingy you throw up everyday.  It’s the new Madison Avenue if you know what you’re doing.  But, social media isn’t free.  Part of it is, the other part isn’t.  The part that allows you to roll outta bed and throw some photo on Instagram is free- so that would fall in the vein of PR.  But getting that photo seen by hundreds/ thousands/ millions and building your following is NOT free, and is usually determined by how you advertise your account.  Posting something on Facebook to your page, even if you have a million fans, won’t show your post to all those million people.  Those days are over.  You need to know how to promote your posts-


That’s how burn through all your money for no reason.  That’s how Facebook steals your wallet and, as you might have noticed… hitting that ‘boost post’ button?  It’s not effective at all.  It’s actually insulting when people tell me “oh I always boost my posts and nothing ever happens.”

That’s kinda like me saying “Oh I bought the hammer and nails and wood and the couch still isn’t built”.  IT TAKES TIME AND RESEARCH AND EXPERIENCE AND STRATEGY to create an audience to boost your posts so don’t tell me Facebook promotion doesn’t work.  It works fuckin amazing.  Better than Google.  Facebook is single-handedly the best place to advertise nearly everything.

That’s why I don’t do just PR.  At Black Apple, if you come to me and say “Make Me Famous” I will say okay.  Fine.  We are going to spend 40% on PR, 40% on Social Media Marketing and 20% on Advertising.

That’s how you hedge your bets.  That’s how you get ahead.  That’s how you launch and build a brand.

Welcome To Black Apple.

PR Without The Bullshit.

Black Apple International